Awareness Through Movement® Online Classes
(September 2020)


Join me online for ongoing weekly ATM® classes on Zoom.
(New to Zoom? Here’s some basic info about getting started.)

I’m offering these classes by donation. Give them a try, see what you think, and if you feel moved to you can make a donation with credit card at my online store, through Venmo (Alice Boyd 3), or mail a check to my office: 1316 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210.


WEDNESDAYS, September 2, 16, 23 & 30*
4:00-5:00m PDT 
Click here to register.
SATURDAYS, September 12, 19 & 26
10:00-11:00am PDT 
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*no class Sat 9/5 & Wed 9/9


*No prior experience is necessary – everyone is welcome.

*Wear comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothes.

*Clear some space on the floor and have a folded towel or blanket handy for a head support if needed.

*Have a question or lesson experience to share? I start and end Zoom meetings 10-15 minutes before and after class time, so you can log on early or stay after to connect!



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Functional Integration® Online Lessons
(September 2020)


Would you like some support with an issue or goal? Are you wondering how to go about starting or deepening your Feldenkrais practice? I’d love to help if I can, and have opened some time on my schedule for one-on-one sessions on Zoom.


10am-2pm PDT


(If you need to meet later in the day or on the weekend, please email me and we’ll set something up.)

Tell me what you’d like to address in advance or we can play it by ear when we meet, and we’ll talk/listen/move for 30 minutes up to an hour.

I’m offering these lessons by donation.





“When I fell and badly injured my back in 2016, Alice was instrumental in my healing. Four years later it’s my shoulder, and again—but now through Zoom while the pandemic keeps me at home—she has taught me ways of using slow, small, gentle, and careful movements that provide much relief from significant pain. Alice’s healing care is not only about what she knows, but also about who she is as a human being. I am grateful.”

– Andrea H.


 * * * * * *


Online Lesson Recordings:

Here are links to recordings of my first Zoom classes.

3/28/20: “Navigational Pelvis” (Thank you, Nick Strauss-Klein, for this lesson variation.)
Audio Only link here.

4/4/20: “Spaciousness Inside & Out” Audio Only link here.

4/15/20: “Self Compassion with Self-Hug” Audio Only link here.

4/18/20: “Side-Bending” Audio Only link here.

4/22/20: “What Is Good Posture?” Audio Only link here.

4/29/20: “Even Distribution of Tone & Lengthening” (Thank you, Jeff Haller, for this lesson variation.)
Audio Only link here.

5/9/20: “Candelabra” (w/ variations)  Audio Only link here.



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GROUP LESSONS (Awareness Through Movement®)
No prior experience is necessary, everyone is welcome; Wear comfortable clothing that lets you move easily.

Wednesdays, 4:00-5:00pm  

Regents Center 

3185 NE Regents Dr;
$15 drop in, 3 for $39; 5 for $55 (to be used within 3 months)

Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm   **No Class 3/12**
Friendly House Community Center
1737 NW 26th Ave (at Thurman St);
Friendly House non-members: $15 drop in; 3 for $39; 5 for $55
(to be used within 3 months)
Friendly House members: $12 drop in; 3 for $30 

Fridays, 3:00-4:00pm  
Yoga Pearl
925 NW Davis St
$20 drop in; class packages available – more info at



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INDIVIDUAL LESSONS (Functional Integration®)
One-on-one lessons tailored to your individual needs and goals.

1316 NW 23rd Ave (above the New Renaissance Bookstore Event Center)
Thursdays, 10am-7pm
Fridays, 10am-2:30pm
Saturdays, 10am-5pm

One Lesson: $90
Series of Three Lessons: $250
Series of Five Lessons: $375





Buy lessons online here.
eGift Cards available now! Click here to place an order.


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Thank you to all who joined me at the November 27th MightWe event!




Sharing my passion for Feldenkrais, Mindfulness, and Gratitude was a deeply rewarding experience… and so much fun too!  🙏

* * * * * *

  • The definitive biography of Moshe Feldenkrais by Mark Reese is now available from Feldenkrais Resources!



 * * * * * *


  • On Feb 25 & 26, 2015, I worked with an extraordinary group of musicians at Monette Trumpets: Ingrid Jensen, Urban & Sabina Agnas, Charley Schlueter, Frank Hanson, and Ben Paille. Here’s a photo from before the shop concert:


Pictured from left to right: me, Urban Agnas, Dave Monette, Ingrid Jensen, Dan Balmer, Michael Raynor, Sabina Agnas, David Goldblatt, Tim Gilson.


 * * * * * *


  • Dave Monette arranged for me to work with Scotty Barnhart when he was in Portland Jan 7 & 8, 2015.  Click here to watch an interview we did after our second session; click here to watch the PBS “Craft in America” web extra that features footage from my lesson with Scotty!


 * * * * * *


  • I highly recommend checking it out this extraordinary book by New York Times bestselling author Norman Doidge, MD: he dedicates two chapters to The Feldenkrais Method®! More info here.



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