Jul 25, 2017 | Post by: Alice Boyd Comments Off on Corey W.

Corey W.

What I’ve been looking for for many years. Working with Alice was a profound privilege and pleasure. In the first 10 minutes of her working just on my left foot up to the knee I could feel a big difference in how free and loose the joints were, instead of bound up as a disconnected lump. Standing up I felt a big difference in how my body was put together just from that. I walked to my car without my left foot hurting for the first time in months. I went straight from there to her class and got to feel the same thing through most of my body. The class was deeply meditative and relaxing, but also a lot of fun for me. It felt like being reintroduced to my body, I had better hip rotation afterwards, my feet actually had arches again. The list goes on. Alice has a skilled and subtle approach, knowing where and how to work one on one with precision, but also leading classes with clear and smooth instruction, giving help to each individual as they need it. It was very good luck finding Alice, and I’m sure I’ll be back! Thank you Alice.

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