Jul 25, 2017 | Post by: Alice Boyd Comments Off on David F.

David F.

I had little background with Feldenkrais before my recent sessions with Alice Boyd. My body experiences recurrent and debilitating pain from fibromyalgia, neuropathy and connective tissue disorder. Alice took time to listen to what goes on for me, then began work in a very gentle way, explaining the treatment to me when needed, learning from my feedback how to proceed, moving from treating my most painful area, my feet, to my neck and shoulders. I meditate, so Alice enlisted my natural abilities in the process, encouraging me to attend to the sensations and shifts in my body. When I stood up from the table I was amazed at how free my body was of pain and – even more interesting – how integrated and light and embodied my awareness was. The effects lasted for hours. The next day I felt less pain too. It was as if my awareness was happy to be in my body again. I want to attend some of her group classes in order to enrich and complement the 1-1 sessions. I highly recommend Alice’s work. She is a real healer.

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